There is so much that goes into a 15 or 25 minute performance on fight night. Each fight is a unique event with it's own unique pressures and challenges.  Sport Psychology is about helping athletes get the best out of their day to day preparation and bringing their best performance in competition. There is no way to fake the mindset needed to perform to your very best. There are no magic techniques that will trick yourself into performing. You have to put in hard, smart, real work. My work is about getting the best out of your work and then helping you to be free to perform when it counts. 

I am a Sport Psychology Consultant focused on improving the mental skills and overall performance of athletes and coaches.  I have always had a huge passion for sport and when I looked back on my own playing career I felt that the missing edge might have been my lack of mental preparation. I decided to pursue a career in this field and qualified with a Masters Degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology from Waterford IT in Ireland in 2009.

Since completing my studies I have mostly worked with combat sports athletes from MMA, Boxing and Jiu Jitsu. During this time I have worked with multiple World Champions and elite level UFC fighters. 

I am now available to work with athletes and coaches from other sports too.  Full list of sports are below.



As well as my work in combat sports,  I am now available to work with athletes and coaches from the following sports:

  • GOLF